In-Sil Yoo

Associate Professor Music Department
In-Sil Yoo

In-Sil Yoo is a native of Seoul, South Korea, where she attended Hanyang University, studying composition, theory, piano and percussion.  She earned her doctorate in Composition at the Indiana University School of Music. Her research involves working with artists, dancers, filmmakers, and computer game developers. (Her previous teaching experiences include a faculty position at Knox College, and at Indiana University where she taught courses in music technology.)

Education:  B.A., Hanyang University (South Korea); M.M., D.M., Indiana University

Recent publications/conferences:

  • The Calling III for guitar and the SoundSandBox Ensemble (2008) commissioned and performed by Lynn McGrath and the SoundSandBox in the Underground at St. Lawrence University on April 24, 2008
  • The Calling II for P'iri (Korean traditional Oboe) and Orchestra (2005) performed by Young-In Philharmonic Orchestra in Suwon, Korea on November 18, 2005
  • The Calling for Orchestra (2004) performed by Korean Symphony Orchestra in Seoul, Korea on December 8, 2004
  • The Season for alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, two percussion players and piano (2004) commissioned and performed by the Special Productions in Gunnison Memorial Chapel at St. Lawrence University on December 6, 2004

Classes taught:
MUS 100/101 Intro to Music
MUS 200/201 Music Theory
MUS 300

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