Robert Foster

Digital Resources Curator Art and Art History Department

AA Graphic Design, Geographic Information Systems
Cape Cod Community College

BS Computer Science, Anthropology
Michigan State University

Robert K Foster Portrait Photo

I have always enjoyed, and tried to develop skills in, visual communication arts such as drawing, painting, photography, and publication design. As a young teenager comic books were my first inspiration and led to a desire to draw in pen & ink and to possibly become a professional artist. Having a good art teacher in high school helped me to develop my early artistic skills. Books, comics, and magazines, at this early age, were also what led to my interest in publication design.

After a failed start in a Studio Art program as a university student, I turned to Computer Science when I found I had a skill and knack for computer programming. After getting a B.S. Degree in a dual major in Computer Science and Anthropology from Michigan State University I worked at a city hospital in Lansing, Michigan for about fifteen years doing various computer-related work.

My life took a turn going through the Great Recession of 2007-2008 when I left my job, lost my house, most of my possessions, and my car, and had to move in with family. A few years later I lost my father to cancer and my mother to various health issues. It was a tough time and has had a lasting effect on my life and the way I live.

Moving forward from this time I started working as a freelance web developer. I did remote work for clients, one as far away as Australia, using online skill marketplaces. Using the Expression Engine CMS (content management system) I worked with Artmann Communications on developing websites. Eventually, I settled into a sub-contractor role, still as a remote worker, with a web development company in western Canada, Webmarks Design and Marketing. I learned a lot about client relationships, entrepreneurship, small business management, and remote work in the "gig economy".

Deciding to pursue a new phase in my life I went back to school at a local college, Cape Cod Community College, and got an A.A. Degree with certificates in Graphic Design and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). During this time I worked on my writing skills and was Design Editor on the school newspaper the MainSheet, and two terms on the school arts magazine Sea Change where I gained experience in the visual design of publications.

Currently, as Digital Resources Curator for the Art & Art History department at St. Lawrence University I'm involved in maintaining and developing the department website, taking photos for the department, scanning art slide images, and scanning articles or publications for professors. I'm around all kinds of art while working and enjoy learning about and experiencing the many styles and forms of art that the students, department, and art gallery provide access to. As a member of St. Lawrence University Library and Art Gallery Committee I participate in that committee's goals and projects.

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