Jill Pflugheber

Microscopy Specialist / Radiation & Laser Safety Officer Biology Department
Jill Pflugheber

Courses Offered:
Biol 390A Research Methods in Electron Microscopy

Biol 391A Research Methods in Scanning Electron Microscopy

Biol 392A Research Methods in Fluorescence and Confocal Microscopy

Research Interests:

Microscopic investigation of the world that surrounds us!

Selected Publications:

J. Pflugheber, S. Casella, J.S. Erlichman, and T. Budd. 2005. Specific Binding of Secondary Antibodies to Neurons in Rat Brainstem Sections. Microsc Microanal 11(Suppl 2), 248

S. Casella, D.J. Schryver, Jr., T. Scott, J. Pflugheber, and K.J. Bodensteiner. 2005. Immunohistochemical Localization of Basement Membrane Proteins in Rat Ovarian Follicles. Microsc Microanal 11(Suppl 2), 108

Pflugheber J, Fredericksen B, Sumpter R Jr, Wang C, Ware F, Sodora DL, Gale M Jr. 2002. Regulation of PKR and IRF-1 during hepatitis C virus RNA replication.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 99(7): 4650-5.

Wang C, Pflugheber J, Sumpter R Jr, Sodora DL, Hui D, Sen GC, Gale M Jr. 2003
Alpha interferon induces distinct translational control programs to suppress hepatitis C virus RNA replication. J Virol. 77(7): 3898-912.

Fredericksen B, Akkaraju GR, Foy E, Wang C, Pflugheber J, Chen ZJ, Gale M Jr. 2002. Activation of the interferon-beta promoter during hepatitis C virus RNA replication. Viral Immunol. 15(1): 29-40.


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