Jessica Chapman

Cummings Professor of Mathematics Math, Computer Science, and Statistics Department
Jessica Chapman

My research interests:

My current research area is methods for improved decision making in multiple criteria optimization with collaborators from the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of South Florida. My other interests include Bayesian Statistics and Statistics Education.

Sample student projects I have supervised:

  • Studying the Effects of Sleep on Mental Health Using Mixed Effects Modeling
  • Improving the Statistical Method for Classifying Geomagnetic Storms
  • Identifying Similarly Performing Mutual Funds Using Cluster Analysis
  • The Future of Driftwood as a Subsistence Resource in Shaktoolik and Savoonga, Alaska: A Statistical Analysis of a Translocal Phenomenon
  • A Bayesian Approach for Assessing the Performance of a Biometric Authentication Device
  • The Effect of Pressure on NFL Field Goal Kickers
  • Comparing Methods for Analyzing Binary Data from Cluster Randomized Trials

Examples of presentations, exhibitions, performances and published work:

  • Rosales, J. and Chapman, J.L (2015). "Identifying the Exposure of Two Subsistence Villages in Alaska to Climate Change Using Traditional Ecological Knowledge." Climate (Climate Risk Assessment and Management Special Issue), 3, 812-832; doi:10.3390/cli3040812.
  • Chapman, J.L., Lu, L., and Anderson-Cook, C.M. (2015). "Impact of Response Variability on Pareto Front Optimization." Statistical Analysis and Data Mining (CODA Special Issue), 8, 314-328.
  • Chapman, J.L., Lu, L., and Anderson-Cook, C.M. (2014). “Incorporating Response Variability and Estimation Uncertainty into Pareto Front Optimization.”  Computers and Industrial Engineering, 76: 253-267.
  • “If a Tree Falls into a River, Can We Identify Where It Came From? A Simulation Study on Identifying the Origin of Driftwood.” Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM), August 2014.
  • Chapman, J.L., Lu, L., and Anderson-Cook, C.M. (2014). “Process Optimization for Multiple Responses Utilizing the Pareto Front Approach.” Quality Engineering, 26(3), 253-268.
  • Lu, L., Chapman, J.L., and Anderson-Cook, C.M. (2013).  “A Case Study on Selecting a Best Allocation of New Data for Improving the Estimation Precision of System and Subsystem Reliability Using Pareto Fronts.” Technometrics (CODA Special Issue), 55(4), 473-487.

  • Chapman, J.L. (2013). "A Matrix Representation of System Structure with Application to Computational Reliability Assessments.” Quality Engineering, 25(4), 418-436.

  • Chapman, J.L., Morris, M.D., and Anderson-Cook, C.M. (2012). “Computationally Efficient Comparison of Experimental Designs for System Reliability Studies with Binomial Data.” Technometrics, 54(4), 410 – 424.

  • Ramler, I.P. and Chapman, J.L. (2011). "Introducing Statistical Research to Undergraduate Mathematical Statistics Students using the Guitar Hero Video Game Series.” Journal of Statistics Education, 19(3).

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