Emanuele Citera

Assistant Professor Economics Department

Ph.D. Economics, New School for Social Research, 2022

M.Phil. Economics, New School for Social Research, 2020

M.A. Economics and Complexity, Collegio Carlo Alberto, 2016

M.Sc. Economics and Commerce, University of Bologna, 2014

B.Sc. Business and Economics, University of Bologna, 2012

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Dr. Emanuele Citera comes to St. Lawrence University as Assistant Professor of Economics. He received a Ph.D. and M.Phil. in Economics from New School for Social Research, a M.A. Economics and Complexity from Collegio Carlo Alberto, a M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Business Economics from University of Bologna.

His research focuses on the stochastic structure of financial markets and investors’ speculative behavior, which he investigates through the application of Information Theory and Statistical Equilibrium. Furthermore, he does research on Monetary Economics, Complexity Economics, and History and Methodology of Economics. His work has been published in various academic journals, including Review of Political Economy and Annals of the Fondazione Luigi Einaudi.

He has been a Teaching Fellow at Eugene Lang College for Liberal Arts as well as a Research Fellow at the Fondazione Luigi Einaudi Onlus (Turin, Italy). At St. Lawrence University, he offers classes on Corporate Finance, Financial Crises, and Financial Theory.


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Citera, E. (2022). "Inequalities and the Progressive Era: Breakthroughs and Legacies", Review of Political Economy.

Citera, E. “What can we learn from statistical regularities in stock returns? Insights from an entropy-constrained framework”. In Crisis and Uncertainty in the Economy, edited by Ameur, B., Ftiti, Z., Louhichi, W., and Prigent, J. Springer 2022. Forthcoming.

Citera, E., Gouri Suresh, S., and Setterfield, M. (2021). “The network origins of aggregate fluctuations: a demand-side approach”, Working Papers 2118, New School for Social Research, Department of Economics.

Citera, E., and Sau, L. (2021). “Reflexivity, Financial Instability and Monetary Policy: A ‘Convention-Based’ Approach”, Review of Political Economy, 33(2): 327-343.

Citera, E. (2017). “Keynes’s and the Santa Fe Institute’s Complexity: Same Concepts, Different Methods?”, Annals of the Fondazione Einaudi. 51 (1): 207-222.

Citera, E. (2017, December 13). Why the House and Senate Tax Bills Spell Disaster for Graduate Students. The GOP tax bill will raise the barrier to entry for American graduate education. Public Seminar.

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