Dr. James Sieja

Assistant Professor Government Department

Ph. D.
University of Wisconsin

Bowling Green State University

James Sieja

Professor Sieja (sē-jə) comes to St. Lawrence after completing his Ph. D. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a one-year stint at Skidmore College. His research interests center on the US federal court system, specifically the selection, nomination, and confirmation process for lower court judges. His dissertation examined the role of the American Bar Association in that process. His follow-up project uses extensive archival data from presidential libraries to examine the often opaque selection process. A motivating question through most of Professor Sieja's research is "Who are you?": the ABA lawyers who rate nominees, the nominees themselves, and the people who were considered for nomination but not chosen. 

Because his research is conducted at the nexus of judicial, congressional, and presidential politics, Professor Sieja also has substantive interests in the other two constitutional institutions. As a result, Professor Sieja regularly teaches introductory classes in American government, American legal systems, the presidency, and constitutional law. Due to a couple of years "in the wilderness" in graduate school, he knows just enough to be dangerous when it comes to media politics and mass political behavior.

When not in the classroom, Professor Sieja enjoys running, bowling, hiking, camping, playing softball (1B, P, OF), designated driving, poutine, watching baseball (Cincinnati Reds) and college football. He is originally from Toledo, Ohio, a city that can reasonably be referred to as "Detroit, Jr." His left-handedness limits the number of positions he can play on a ball diamond, but it is a slight advantage at the bowling alley.

More information can be found on his website. He also commented for North Country Public Radio on Election Night 2016. Since then he has provided analysis of nomination and confirmation politics, suggestions for a constitutional amendment, and commentary on President Trump's second impeachment.

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