Dr. Damon T. Berry

Associate Professor and Chair of Religious Studies Religious Studies Department

Ohio State University


Dr. Damon T. Berry’s research focuses on the imbrication of religious and racialized discourses that shape and inform ideologies and practices of exclusion and violence. He has published in several venues on topics such as religion and violence and the history of racist movements. He has written three monographs: Blood and Faith: Christianity in American White Nationalism Christianity & The Alt-Right: Exploring the Relationship, and most recently, The New Apostolic Reformation, Trump, and Evangelical Politics.

Dr. Berry has presented his research at several venues, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Microsoft Corporation, and the University of Virginia’s Project on Religion and Its Publics. His work has also been presented in public forums, including Public Research AssociatesSojournersThe Unpacked Project, and The University of Notre Dame's Klau Center for Civil and Human Rights [video here].

Forthcoming from Dr. Berry is a special issue in the journal Nova Religio titled “Dominion and Rebellion: The New Apostolic Reformation and the January 6th Insurrection,” for which he was invited to be guest editor, and “Good Militias for Trump: Racism, Christian Nationalism, and Legitimacy in the Modern Militia Movement,” to be published in the journal  Religions.

He teaches courses on various topics, including American religious history, religion & politics, extremism, religion & violence, and special topics courses, like “Conspiracy Theory in Religions.”

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