David Henderson

Associate Professor, Music/Film/Asian Studies; Chair, Music Department
David Henderson

David Henderson is Associate Professor and Chair of the Music Department, and also teaches courses in Asian Studies and Film and Representation Studies. He has done research on music in the Kathmandu Valley since 1987, and began also doing work on the Nepali film industry in 2002. With Ron Emoff (Ohio State University–Newark), he edited the book Mementos, Artifacts, and Hallucinations from the Ethnographer's Tent (Routledge, 2002), and with Martha Chew Sánchez (SLU), he edited the book Scattered Musics (University Press of Mississippi, 2021).

Education: B.A., Pomona College; Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Research interests: Music, video, and film; language, emotion, and memory; style, identity, and social change.

Professional association memberships: Society for Ethnomusicology, Society for Asian Music, College Music Society, Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Association for Asian Studies, Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies, American Anthropological Association, American Ethnological Society.

Courses taught: MUS 210, Musics of the world; FILM 222, Documentary Filmmaking; MUS 244, Musics of South Asia; MUS 245, Musics of Eastern Europe; FILM 271, World cinema; MUS 281/FILM 281, Music video; MUS 337, Avant-garde and underground music.

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