Brad Baldwin

Professor Biology Department

PhD - Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences

University of Maryland

BS - Zoology

Southern Illinois University

man kneeling on rock with mountain and stream in background

I am interested in aquatic ecology and conservation issues related to food production. I have studied coral reefs, estuaries, deep ocean hydrothermal vents, acid rain impacts on ADK lakes, invasive species spread in the Great Lakes and NNY rivers, mercury contamination of fish, and the ecology of fishless bog lakes. Upcoming research projects include the restoration of an eutrophic lake, insect predation on lake zooplankton (cousins of the krill which whales eat), and ways zooplankton protect themselves from UV damage using body pigmentation.

I teach courses such as Intro Bio, Animal Biodiversity, Ecology of Lakes & Rivers, Carnivory, and Food from the Sea. I have also taught in the SLU FYP program and Adirondack Semester program.


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