Amanda Oldacre

Assistant Professor Chemistry Department

Chemistry, Ph.D
University at Buffalo, 2018

Biochemistry, B.S.
Niagara University, 2014

Amanda Oldacre

Assistant Professor, St. Lawrence University 2019-present
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Lehigh University, 2018-2019

Regulary Taught Courses
CHEM 103: General Chemistry I
CHEM 104: General Chemistry II
CHEM 106: Chemistry and Environment (with lab)
CHEM 306: Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology (with lab)

Research Interests
The Oldacre Group is interested in the intersection of electrochemistry and catalysts. We use bio-inspired catalysts to study the degradation of environmental pollutants, microplastics and organic dyes. To synthesize catalysts, we use metal-ligand coordination (Lewis acid-base chemistry) to form complex architectures, such as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and discrete metal cages. We are also interested in fabricating electrodes to use as catalysts for nitrogen fixation. Students use an instrument called a potentiostat to study electron transfer processes and the activity of our catalysts.


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