310. Philosophy of the Environment. | St. Lawrence University Outdoor Studies

310. Philosophy of the Environment.

What obligations, if any, do we have towards the environment? What changes should we make in our own lives in light of those obligations? How does material consumption relate to our happiness? If we can be happy consuming less, why do so many of us continue to consume so much? How do our attitudes towards the environment reflect our social position? What is the difference between the natural and the artificial? This course examines such questions in order to come to grips with our relationship with the environment, and what these ideas mean for the way we lead our lives. Students will explore these questions in relation to the global community, to our local community, and in relation to their own lives and choices. Prerequisite: any 100-level philosophy course, or Environmental Studies 101, or permission of the instructor. Also offered as Environmental Studies 310, and through Peace Studies.