Year Long Sustainability Program

The flagship year-long program, fall thru spring.  Students participate in an immersive experiential education program living at the sustainability farm.  They take a total of 3 credits throughout the year, 1.5 each semester.  Solving Sustainability in Fall and Communicating Sustainability in the spring.  In addition, students take two half-credit course each semester engaged in exploration of food systems and household consumption.  The rest of the course load is fulfilled on campus with independent research projects available as well.

  • Live and learn on a local organic farm.
  • Take one core course each semester in sustainability studies.
  • Have the flexibility to continue on-campus courses and activities.
  • Gain practical skills in agriculture, leadership, and activism.

Each semester students will enroll in one full-unit core course in sustainability studies and a half-unit course in organic farming. Students will then be free to choose to take their remaining credits either through on farm elective courses, independent studies, or courses on campus.

Throughout the year, students will take several short field trips in the North Country to meet local entrepreneurs and sustainability leaders offering real world case studies and experience.

We value diversity in experiences and backgrounds.  Sustainability requires complex problem solving and all perspectives are needed to accomplish these goals.  Students from all majors, academic interests, and different abilities are welcome.

The 2022-2023 Sustainability Program applications are due March 15th, 2022 and will begin in August of 2022 one week prior to beginning of classes.  Click to apply.  Look for us in Dana and keep an eye out for info sessions.

Please contact for more information.