Chocolate Passport Project Grant Proposal Application

The Chocolate Passport, featured by the Sustainability Program, will support St. Lawrence University students to conduct personal research projects, independent study or SYE courses, complete group projects and club-related projects, or develop creative projects (e.g. visual art exhibit).  All funded activities will focus on the education of chocolate as a unifying element to bridge connectivity and inclusiveness among all students, faculty, and the community. The proposed project must align with the goals of the Chocolate Passport Project.

As part of the Sustainability Program, the grant is designed to meet the five following learning goals:

  • Implement interdisciplinary solutions to sustainability problems
  • Comprehend the local and global intersections of sustainability issues
  • Identify the complexities of relationships involved with sustainability issues
  • Develop strategies to communicate environmental knowledge to different audiences
  • Gain leadership skills in community engagement and environmental activism

Additionally, our proposed Chocolate Passport seeks to fulfill the following overarching goals:

  • Use chocolate as a unifying element to bridge connectivity and inclusiveness among all students, faculty, and the community
  • Provide extended learning opportunities to inspired students to explore chocolate further through a grant program
  • Produce a body of projects to celebrate learning and the joy of chocolate through a culminating Chocolate Passport Festival

Rolling Application Deadline; Apply between November 1, 2021-March 12022

For more information, contact the Sustainability Program Faculty Director Sara Ashpole (

Application Form

Chocolate Passport Project Grant Proposal Application

Your Information
If applicable
If applicable
In a written essay (up to 500 words), describe your proposed project:
  • Project goals and objectives
  • Activities you propose to undertake & timeline (all projects should be completed by end April 2022, with the exception of a summer 2022 fellowship).
  • Expected project outcomes
  • How your projects connects to the goals of the Chocolate Passport Project
  • Plan for working/ communicating with club or other group members (please indicate that you've had conversations with your collaborators well in advance of the submission deadline)
Provide up to a 1-page budget outlining your project costs up to $500 and any additional funds you have available.  Eligible costs include:
  • Project materials/supplies, including Software / Training
  • Stipend to supplement labor, up to $300
  • Travel, including conference expenses
In addition to a required formal presentation of your project to the Chocolate Passport Project Grant, you are asked to share your project with the broader campus community. In a written statement of up to 200 words, describe how you would present your project to the campus community and share how your project contributed to deepening understanding of chocolate within the world and within your life. This presentation could take many formats, including presenting at an established campus event (e.g., Sustainability Day Spring 2022, Chocolate Festival Spring 2022) or a special individual or group presentation of your own design (e.g., creating a short video about your project). 
Provide a written positionality statement of up to 200 words as context for your proposed project. A positionality statement usually includes a description of the project leader’s lenses (e.g., philosophical, personal, theoretical beliefs and perspective through which they view the research process) and potential influences on the research/proposed project (e.g., age, political beliefs, social class, race, ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs). This is a required application component.