Internships and Title IX

St. Lawrence University students participate in a wide variety of off-campus internships, programs, fellowships and other similar opportunities, some of which are educational in nature and some of which are aimed exclusively towards a student’s independent pursuit of professional development and career-building experience.  These activities may be paid or unpaid, credit-bearing or non-credit bearing.

With a robust and loyal international Laurentian network, many opportunities are offered through graduates and parents.  The University generally does not inspect, monitor, or otherwise represent that its faculty or staff evaluates the culture, security or suitability of the placement environment.  Based on the nature of the activity, the degree of the University’s affiliation/involvement and the circumstances of the activity, the University may have limited authority or ability to address concerns from participating students.  Students should independently examine the integrity and safety of any off-campus sites or organizations in which they intend to participate.   In situations where concerns do arise, the University will attempt to assist students to the extent reasonably possible under the circumstances.

The University encourages students to report immediately any instances of harassing, discriminatory or criminal conduct, or other occurrences or conditions  of concern arising during the course of any such activities, to (as applicable) the St. Lawrence program supervisor, site supervisor, employer and/or the University’s Title IX Coordinator, Kimberly Flint-Hamilton, 315-229-1881.