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Professor Publishes Article in Sociology Journal

Assistant Professor of Sociology Yeşim Bayar’s research article, “The League of Nations, Minorities, and Post-Imperial Turkey,” was recently published in the Journal of Historical Sociology.

The abstract states, “The Minority Treaties that were signed at the end of First World War were not only instrumental in establishing the status of minorities in their respective countries but also significant in terms of their impact on nation‐building processes. Through focusing on the post‐Ottoman lands, and specifically on Turkey, this paper examines the tension between the goals of the Allied Powers and the League of Nations, and those of the nationalist political elites in the newly‐created national states.”

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Bayar’s research interests focus on understanding the processes of social and political change. Her work spans a variety of interrelated issues including nationalism, ethnic and religious minorities, citizenship, constitution-writing, and language policies. At St. Lawrence, she teaches Power, Politics and Society, Nations and Nationalism, Self and Society, and Introduction to Sociology.

Edited by a distinguished international panel of historians, anthropologists, geographers and sociologists, the Journal of Historical Sociology is both interdisciplinary in approach and innovative in content. As well as refereed articles, the journal presents reviews essays and commentary in its 'Issues and Agendas' section, and aims to provoke discussion and debate.

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