New Laurentian Interviewed by NPR's "On Point" | St. Lawrence University

New Laurentian Interviewed by NPR's "On Point"

One of St. Lawrence University's newest Laurentians, Rafael Escoto '24, was interviewed by NPR's "On Point" for a segment about what it’s like to enter adulthood amid nationwide protests and a pandemic.

Rafael, who attended Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School in New York City and has served as president of the student government, was one of several people interviewed for the show, which aired Thursday, June 11, and featured other members of the high school class of 2020. He spoke with NPR Host Meghna Chakrabarti about his leadership and all he's doing for his fellow students and his community to help. Rafael discusses a project he has been working on that will provide people with information about how to safely protest, as well as resources about anti-blackness.

"Change can happen if we all unite together," he says.

When asked what he thinks his future will look like come the fall, he replied, "I know my future with St. Lawrence will definitely be a strong one because I already feel a tremendous amount of support. I've been talking to directors about planning and networking, and what the school year will look like, even in the summer."

Listen to the interview. (His segment begins around the 6-minute mark.)

Rafael will be taking part in St. Lawrence's Higher Education Opportunity Program.