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Government Prof. Discusses Supreme Court Vacancy in ‘RealClearPolitics' Op-Ed

Assistant Professor of Government James Sieja recently penned an op-ed published by RealClearPolitics that discusses what the U.S. Senate will need to consider as preparations are made for confirming a supreme court nominee at the same time as votes are being cast.

He writes, "Americans got a unique chance to shape the direction of the court in 2016, and they chose to keep it on the same path by electing a Republican to replace a right-leaning justice, and later, another. It is nothing short of amazing that Americans will again get a chance directly to weigh in on the path the court takes with their votes for president and senator in November 2020."

He continues, "Despite the chief justice’s protestations to the contrary, we can and do think of judges politically. But, it’s a different kind of politics. The parties have different visions of what the Constitution means and how best to interpret it. That’s good. Americans can make clear choices with their vote in this election on the fundamental questions that define higher law in the country. Every lawyer, judge, and justice should applaud this opportunity." 

Read his op-ed: The American Voter Will Pick Next Supreme Court Justice

Sieja's research interests center on the U.S. federal court system, specifically the selection, nomination, and confirmation process for lower court judges. Because his research is conducted at the nexus of judicial, congressional, and presidential politics, Sieja also has substantive interests in the other two constitutional institutions. As a result, Sieja regularly teaches introductory classes in American government, American legal systems, the presidency, and constitutional law at St. Lawrence.

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