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St. Lawrence Magazine
Summer 2021

Every Laurentian Inspires

First Impressions

A conversation with St. Lawrence University’s 19th president, Kathryn A. Morris

Moving In and Moving On

St. Lawrence resumes a two-semester calendar with updated COVID-19 protocols and full in-person instruction

Discovering New Ways to Hide

Margaret Dener '22 reflects on her favorite hiding spot in Canton that served as comfort during COVID-19.
Margaret Dener ’22

The Benefits of Innovation

Innovation Grants program funds over 70 St. Lawrence project promoting wellness, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and more.
Deborah Dudley

Finding Comfort in the Void

Henry Herbold '21 recounts the ways in which the St. Lawrence University golf course became a place of freedom and refuge during COVID-19.
Henry W. Herbold ’21

The Smelly Roommate

Sometimes the time best spent is with friends.... other times it's with horses that you love, smell and all.
Sophie Margola '21

12-Hour Shift

Combating COVID-19, one shot at a time.
Curtis Amory ’23