Richard F. Brush Art Gallery | St. Lawrence University


Named in recognition of the generosity of Richard F. Brush '52, the Gallery is an academic resource of St. Lawrence University, an independent liberal arts institution. The mission of the gallery is to acquire, preserve, interpret, exhibit, and otherwise make accessible works of art for the benefit of a variety of audiences, in support of the educational goals of the University and for the benefit of the community at large. Programs and activities are designed to balance a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary objectives, in recognition of diverse functions and meanings of art. As such, the gallery provides a forum for the creative and critical expression of artists, historians, and curators. The gallery seeks to integrate its activities into the University's academic programs and curricular initiatives.

Upcoming Events


An exhibition of street art stickers entitled Paper Bullets: 100 Years of Political Stickers from Around the World, curated by Catherine Tedford,...