A digital red, white, and blue, rendering of a person with long hair and a bright red rose behind their ear. Text below the image reads, we the people.

Richard F. Brush Art Gallery Presents: Inspiring, Controversial, Obey!

- Richard F. Brush Art Gallery

The Richard F. Brush Art Gallery presents work by one of the most well-known contemporary American street artists, Shepard Fairey on display Wednesday, August 10 through Saturday, September 3.

Drawn from St. Lawrence University’s permanent collection and private collections, the exhibition showcases work from over thirty years of the artist’s prolific career: from Fairey’s Andre the Giant Has A Posse sticker first produced as a college student in 1989, to silkscreen prints from the 1990s and 2000s, to the iconic 2008 Barack Obama HOPE portrait, as well as We The People stickers created in response to the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign and Earth Crisis stickers today. While Fairey’s earlier images focused on punk musicians, skateboard heroes, and Obey Giant themes, his more recent subjects include social justice activists, immigration reform, gender equality, consumer capitalism, and climate change.

Presented in conjunction with the exhibition, members of the St. Lawrence are invited to submit original designs for a sticker contest. The top three winners will get their designs printed in vinyl by Sticker Robot. Send submissions to brushgallery@stlawu.edu by Thursday, September 1, at noon.

Winners will be announced on 9/1 at the 4:30 lecture given by Chris Ingraham in GR 123.

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