Laurentian in Residence

Laurentian in Residence: Dissecting Gender in Medicine

- Feinstone Room, Herring-Cole

Dissecting Gender in Medicine: Reassessing Anatomical Representations of the Female Body, a lecture by Allison Hill-Edgar P’25 MD, MFA, Artist, Independent Scholar

Visual representations of the female body have been instrumental to how cultures have defined themselves throughout time, not only in art, but also in medicine. The female body has been a part of anatomical history from its inception, but usually as the reproductive or sexual other to the male body. 

Dr. Alison Hill-Edgar P’25 reexamines Western anatomical tradition through the lens of the female body in order to elucidate factors that have framed our understanding of and approach to gender differences in medicine and society. Drawing on a wide survey of images and sources, this presentation reveals the impact of anatomical visual history on current culture and medical practice today. 

This Laurentian in Residence is sponsored by the Center for Career Excellence with generous support from the Alumni Executive Council.

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