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Spiritual and Religious Life

Members of the Spiritual and Religious Life Committee

Chandreyi Basu  (Associate Professor - Art & Art History)  229-5181 
Kathleen Buckley Ex Officio  (University Chaplain)  229-5256
Isis Flores (Student - Class of 2019)
Jim Forney  (St. Educational Technologist - IT)  229-5922
Aida Gueye (Student - Class of 2022)
Rahel Mideksa (Student - Class of 2021)
Molly Papin  (Special Events Coordinator - Advancement)  229-1880 
Laura Rediehs Convener  (Associate Professor - Philosophy)  229-5457
Barry Torres  (Director of Music Ensembles)  229-5171
Shaun Whitehead  (Associate University Chaplain)  229-5062
In-Sil Yoo  (Associate Professor - Music)  229-5186

Spiritual and Religious Life Committee Charge

The Committee shall make recommendations respecting aspects of University policy that touch on the spiritual lives of people in the community. The Committee shall also seek to promote understanding of religious, ethical, and spiritual matters by organizing forums and lectures and sponsoring interfaith services. The Committee shall also organize the Harold H. Niles Lecture.


Membership consists of the University Chaplain and at least three faculty, students, and administrators or staff.

Niles Lectures

The Harold N. Niles Memorial Fund was established in 1971 by family and friends of Dr. Harold Niles, class of 1915, retired Universalist minister and former University chaplain. Niles was also pastor of All Souls Universalist Church in Watertown, New York for several years. This fund was originally awarded at Moving-Up Day to a member of the University community, preferably a student, who has done the most to advance the religious life of the University.  It was changed in 1999 to sponsor an annual campus forum on religion and science.

Please click here to see a list of the Niles Lectures.