ODST 202 - Creative Expressions of Nature | St. Lawrence University Adirondack Semester

ODST 202 - Creative Expressions of Nature

All the courses you'll take this semester examine humans' relationship to the natural world from various perspectives. This class, Creative Expressions of Nature, looks at our interaction with the natural world with a more literary and artistic eye. We'll consider the purpose of art in general through a look at the genre of nature writing and nature poetry, and through forms of artistic representation. This course will allow you to try your hand at various modes of artistic expression and mine your own experiences in the outdoors for raw material, to explore the intersection of self and the natural world, that internal landscape where the "eye" and the "I" meet. Through a series of focused reading and creative writing assignments, students will be encouraged to slow down, observe, and reflect on the personal relationship they have with the natural world. This course counts for Arts distribution requirement. (One unit credit)