Food | St. Lawrence University Adirondack Semester


Food plays a significant role in everyone's daily lives and the decisions we make about food have far reaching impacts, both within our local communities and in the ecosystem at large. At Arcadia, we think critically about our food choices.  Our fresh food comes from three different area farms.  We support local markets such as the Potsdam Food Co-op, Nature's Store House, the Canton Farmers Market and Shaheen's IGA in Tupper Lake.  How food is prepared and eaten is just as important as where it comes from.  Students work in teams to cook every meal, providing three hot meals a week for the group.  These meals are eaten family style, and gives us a time to slow down and share something meaningful as a community every day.

We receive our food from the following farms:

Kent Family Growers  (vegetables)

Bittersweet Farms (chicken and eggs)

Eight O’clock Ranch (meat)