Green Design

St. Lawrence the University applies a green building and design strategy to new construction and renovation projects. In 2007 the Johnson Hall of Science, the first LEED Gold Certified Science Building in New York, began operation on our campus.  As part of our commitment to climate neutrality and environmental sustainability all future construction at St. Lawrence will meet the standards of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Silver Certification.  We invite you to explore our interactive Green Buildings Tour to learn about the green design features incorporated into our buildings.

Green Building Strategy Goals

• Support St. Lawrence University’s commitment to campus environmental excellence.
• Prioritize energy conservation and sustainability principles during the design and construction process.
• Enable buildings to function as first rate spaces while instructing and inspiring occupants in the principles of environmental sustainability.
• Create an awareness on campus regarding energy and resource efficiency in the University’s buildings.
• Respond to growing public awareness of environmental issues and human health concerns linked to the built environment.
• Recognize that buildings are responsible for a significant portion of our energy use and environmental footprint.
• Embrace technological advances and the evolution of smart design practices that demonstrate energy conservation and sustainable design practices.