Thelmo ECC

As St. Lawrence University becomes more aware of the environmental issues facing the word today, it was decided that along with the already existing programs, it would be useful to have an environmental conservation committee with in the student government. The Environmental Conservation Committee of Thelmo works to bring greener practices to campus, while raising awareness of the importance of these issues, through member talking with their constituents.

Some of the projects we have worked on in the past include:

  • Ensuring student perspectives on sustainability were incorporated into the Facilities Master Plan
  • Writing innovation grant proposals for hydration stations, compost containers and recycling (all proposals were awarded funding)
  • Writing and supporting the passage of the Climate Action Plan Resolution in May of 2011
  • Writing a Resolution of Campus Greening and Environmental Commitment. This resolution was passed by Thelmo, and through the hard work of Jason DeRosa and Kira Krumhansl, it was passed by the board of trustees in the spring of 2006.
  • Distributing energy efficient light bulbs to students and faculty
  • Moving the campus towards renewable energy, by using our own left over veggie oil from Dana as the oil burned to heat campus buildings.
  • Reinstituting the Ride Board in the Student Center
  • Placing yellow shut off stickers on light switches around campus in order to promote energy conservation.
  • Looking into installing reverse vending machines on campus
  • Replacing the current paper goods at the pub with ones made of recycled paper.