United World College (UWC) Day

- Winston Room, Sullivan Student Center
Special Events

United World Colleges celebrate UWC Day each year on September 21st. This year's theme is Re-Imagining Tomorrow. St. Lawrence University UWC graduates will celebrate the day on campus.

We will be holding an event for United World College students on campus to celebrate UWC day. This event is a worldwide celebration that happens across all UWC schools. This year the theme is Re-Imagining Tomorrow. We will invite UWC students to wear traditional costumes from their homes countries to share their cultural heritage.  The event will have stations where people will be able to move across different parts of the room to participate in different activities. 

This event is sponsored by the Advancement Office. Please contact Carol Smith, csmith@stlawu.edu, if you have any questions.

COVID protocols:

  • Maximum capacity: 50
  • Each station will be limited to 7 people per table.
  • Participants will have to sanitize their hands and wear a mask at all times.