Who We Are | St. Lawrence University Academic Support

Who We Are

The Office of Academic Support (in the Center for Student Achievement) provides students with the tools and strategies to become successful at St. Lawrence. The coordinators work one-on-one with students on academic planning, time management, study skills, reading and note-taking strategies, test preparation, and long-term course and project planning. Whether a student is on academic probation, needs help with using their time effectively, or is looking to refine their study techniques, the coordinators are here to work with you. The Associate Dean is also happy to work with you on long-term planning and general academic strategizing.

Dr. Elun Gabriel (Madill Hall 101, egabriel@stlawu.edu, 315-229-5149, schedule a Zoom meeting here: calendly.com/egabriel) works with students on:

  • Academic planning, strategizing, and problem-solving
  • Choosing or changing an academic advisor
  • Major declaration
  • Multifield major planning
  • Academic Petition guidance
  • External fellowship applications
  • Anything else related to academic advising

Colleen Coakley (Madill Hall 103, ccoakley@stlawu.edu, 315-229-5604, schedule a Zoom meeting here: calendly.com/ccoakley-6) works with students on:

  • Time management and organization
  • Syllabus mapping
  • Study strategies
  • Reading and note-taking skills
  • Balancing school work and life
  • Goal setting
  • Short and long-term project planning
  • Plans for academic recovery

Colleen is a Canton native and former SLU student-athlete; she enjoys talking with students about some of the unique aspects of being a North Country student and student-athlete. 

Matt McCluskey (Madill Hall 107, mmccluskey@stlawu.edu, 315-229-5678, schedule a Zoom appointment here: calendly.com/mmccluskey22) works with students on:

  • Pursuing engaged learning opportunities
  • Active reading and note-taking 
  • Discerning academic and personal paths
  • Assisting with academic planning and major declaration
  • Balancing athletics and academics
  • Building momentum through the sophomore year 
  • Fostering student connections around campus
  • Planning for academic recovery and development
  • Developing peer tutoring and mentoring skills
  • Exploring ways students can use their time well

Tina Tao (ktao@stlawu.edu, 315-229-5134, schedule a Zoom meeting here: calendly.com/tinaltao) works with students on:

  • Academic/semester course planning
  • Time management, prioritization, and organization
  • Syllabus mapping
  • Metacognition (thinking about your own thinking)
  • Developing learning and study strategies
  • Active reading and note-taking skills
  • Balancing school work and life
  • Goal setting
  • Short and long-term project planning