WORD Studio | St. Lawrence University


The WORD Studio assists all students with written communication, oral communication, reading, and design.  In addition to our generalist tutors, we offer specialists in science writing, ESL, and reading.  We open for the Spring 2020 semester on Monday, January 20th. 

GENERALIST TUTOR HOURS--work on communication in any class.  Appointment only (Click on red "Schedule an Appointment" box to your left).  Location: ODY 137

Monday/Wednesday: 10am-9pm

Tuesday/Thursday: noon-9pm

Friday: 10am-2pm

Sunday: 1pm-9pm

SCIENCE WRITING TUTOR HOURS--work on assignments specific to your science classes.  Drop-in only.  Location: Launders Science Library (Madill 211). 

Monday 9pm-11pm

Tuesday/Thursday: 4pm-7pm

Wednesday: 5pm-7pm

READING TUTOR HOURS--work on reading scholarly books and articles.  Drop-in only.  Location: at the Reference Desk in ODY.  

Monday  10pm-11pm

Wednesday 7pm-9pm

ESL TUTOR HOURS (for anyone who doesn't speak English as a first language)--Appointment only by emailing the tutor, krmull16_at_stlawu.edu.