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Majors and Minors of Current Students

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Top 5 Declared Majors of Current Students

As of Fall 2013 snapshot.

  1. Economics: 186
  2. Biology: 127
  3. Psychology: 126
  4. Government: 93
  5. English: 91

Longitudinal Files

These files are generally intended for internal departmental planning and are presented here for those purposes. For a more complete picture, please refer to the At Graduation tab.

  • Declared majors and minors of all students by semester (10 semester trend)
    • Majors
    • Minors - note that many student's do not declare minors until near graduation
  • Declared majors of current juniors & seniors only, by year
    • Longitudinal file - Fall 1992 - present (click on "+" sign at the top of each year to see junior and senior breakouts for 1992-2005)
    • (note that in earlier years, data was only captured for students enrolled on campus and not those studying abroad in the Fall semester)