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Entered Fall of Adjusted Cohort 4yr Grad 5yr Grad 6yr Grad
1998 478 70.9% 74.5% 75.1%
1999 574 71.4% 74.7% 75.3%
2000 612 71.2% 75.3% 76.0%
2001 510 73.7% 77.1% 77.5%
2002 615 72.0% 75.3% 75.9%
2003 565 78.6% 80.4% 80.9%
2004 566 78.4% 81.8% 82.9%
2005 534 76.2% 79.4% 80.3%
2006 608 76.2% 79.3% 79.6%
2007 627 76.9% 80.2% 80.4%
2008 616 79.5% 84.1% 84.7%
2009 579 82.2% 85.8%  
2010 609 80.5%    
Includes students who graduated in May and August of a calendar year.  For example, a student would be considered a 4-year graduate if they entered in the Fall of 2010 and graduated in May or August of 2014.

For comparison, the national 6-year graduation rate at 4-year private non-profit institutions is 65% (Reference).

First-year to sophomore-year retention rates and six-year graduation rates are reported to the National Center for Educational Statistics as part of the "Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System"(IPEDS) on an annual basis. The statistics above are consistent with federal reporting guidelines:

  • A "cohort" is a specific group of students established for tracking purposes. According to the Student Right-to-Know legislation, the graduation rate student (GRS) cohort is defined as all full-time first-time degree-seeking undergraduate students who entered in the fall or preceding summer session of a given year.
  • "Adjusted Cohort":The legislation allows to remove (delete) the following students from the GRS cohort for calculations of graduation/retention rates:students who died or were totally and permanently disabled; those who left school to serve in the armed forces; those who left to serve with a foreign aid service of the federal government, such as the Peace Corps; and those who left to serve on official church mission.
  • The "Six-Year Graduation Rate"is the percent of students in a GRS cohort who completed their baccalaureate degree within 150 percent of normal time.

Please note that all cohorts and retention rate reports are based on St. Lawrence University's established official census date, the first (work) day in October. Students on SLU approved study-abroad programs are counted as active SLU students.