NYSARC Community Arts

Agency and Placement Location: 1942 Old DeKalb Road, Suite 1, Canton, NY 13617 (1.5 miles from campus)

Transportation: Placement is walking distance. If students would like to drive, they must have a personal car to transport themselves or work together to coordinate transportation with other students attending placement.

Mission: According to their website: "St. Lawrence NYSARC exists as a non-profit membership association to provide services in the community for persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Our mission is to offer individuals and their families an opportunity to achieve self-determined goals. All services strive to promote choices intended to meet each person's therapeutic, residential, and employment needs and interests. This Agency is committed to providing lifelong opportunities that enhance the individuality, inclusion, independence, and personal growth of individuals receiving services."

Projects: Acting, Creative Writing, Dance, Literary Arts, Line Dancing, Martial Arts, Recreational Arts, Team NYSARC, Technical Theatre, and Visual Arts

Required Dress, Paperwork, and Training:

  • Volunteer Application
  • PPD
  • Fingerprinting

Website: http://www.slnysarc.org/community-arts

More Information: Brochure www.slnysarc.org/download/file/fid/506