Festival of CBL

FYP Festival of Community Based Learning

Tuesday and Thursday, December 5 & 7, 2017
10:10am - 11:40am
Eben Holden Conference Center

NON FYP Festival of SLU in the Community

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Eben Holden Conference Center

Instructions for Student Presenters

The Festival of CBL is a celebration of our students’ Community Based Learning experiences. It offers students the opportunity to showcase their experiences in a reflective way.  The Festival of CBL will feature students from all CBL courses.  Students will participate in the Festival in groups of no more than four members. Students should present on no more than two placement sites.

Step One: ONE person from each group is to complete the Festival of CBL Presentation Proposal Form by Friday, November 3, 2017. Approval will be sent to all students from the CBL office within 5 business days.

Step Two: Download Photo Release Form AND Community Partner Presentation Release Form - these forms are used to ask community partner to sign off on any photos/videos/audio in your presentation, confirming all information represents the Community Partner accurately, gives permission to show the presentation at the Festival of CBL, and details specific limitations in sharing presentation online.

Step Three: Create your poster/movie/oral presentation (Poster Design Guidelines)

Step Four: Show your presentation to your community partner and ask to sign off on documents listed in Step Two

Step Five: Make changes if needed based on community partner review of presentation. Send final draft to cbl@stlawu.edu in either MS Power Point for posters, MS Power Point or Google Slides for oral presentations, or a link to Vimeo or You Tube for movies/videos. If file is too large, hand delivering a USB to the CBL office at 11 Hillside is required. For oral presentations where no technology is used, please send an outline of talking points. Deadline for FYP Festival is December 1, 2017. Deadline for NON FYP - SLU in the Community Festival is December 8, 2017.

Step Six: FYP Festival send Poster to ODY for Printing by December 1, 2017. NON FYP SLU in the Community Festival send Poster to ODY for Printing by December 7, 2017. An email will be sent from ODY when poster is ready for pick up. It is the student responsibility to pick up the poster and bring to event.

Step Five: Arrive at Festival of CBL at least 15 minutes early to either set up poster or test video/sound for presentations with technology.