Deep Root: Center for Self-Directed Learning

Location: 7 Main Street (entrance on Riverside Drive), Canton, NY (approximately one mile from campus).

Mission: According to their website "Deep Root Center for Self-Directed Learning is a community resource learning center that provides each member a unique educational program, based on their personal interests and passions, through classes, Pathways, one-on-one tutorials, as well as materials, tools, and resources for independent projects and research. DRC also serves as a bridge to the community by assisting young people to find internships, apprenticeships, and volunteer opportunities.  DRC offers a safe social and educational environment that encourages and supports youth to be their best selves."


  • Outdoor Program
  • Seedlings (ages 5-9)
  • IT - Data Systems and Gaming with Kids

Required Dress, Documents, and Training: Volunteer Application


More Information:

Always be mindful of the mission and philosophy of Deep Root Center:

  • self-directed
  • free form
  • engage with students
  • take initiative, must not be shy