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5/28/2015 6:52pm
Information Technology will soon begin deploying a new security practice to all University owned computers: full disk encryption.
5/27/2015 11:24am
On Friday May 22nd, the Sakai system underwent an upgrade to the current version. Navigation and functionality should largely be the same; however, there are a few areas with an updated interface.
4/6/2015 5:07pm
Visit to learn when access to St.

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Students in Jessica McAlear’s first-year seminar (FYS) are no strangers to technology in their classroom.
Dr. Lock was in the process of developing “ConceptTests” to supplement Calculus textbooks.
Collaboration Across the Arts (Fine Arts, Music and Speech & Theatre), is taught annually in the fall and is designed to bring out the best in students as creators of new knowledge using digita

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