Capital Instructions

SLU Budget & Financial Planning

Capital Equipment/Project Form


Electronic Requests Required - All Capital Request Forms and supporting materials must be submitted as electronic documents.

Technology Request Process - Please contact Ruth Tully, ext. 5778 or, for the assignment of an IT Capital Number.

As we enter into a new capital request cycle, please keep in mind the process for review of Information Technology capital requests. In order to ensure that compatibility and support issues are addressed and accurate quotes are included in all technology proposals, IT capital project proposals must be reviewed by an appropriate IT staff person prior to capital request submission. 

Please specify "2014-15 capital proposals" in the subject heading of your email, and include the following components:

              1. Project title
              2. Department/program
              3. Location for technology implementation
              4. Description of what you expect to accomplish through the purchase of new technology
              5. Details about known technology components to accomplish the project
              6. Your contact information

The appropriate IT staff member will contact you to confirm complete details, arrange for accurate quotes, and provide you with an IT Capital Number. The IT Capital Number must be referenced on the capital request form.

Please note that the more IT staff are involved in reviewing any project, the more knowledgeable we are about the project and able to properly inform ITC or Senior Staff in the capital approval process.

Request Forms should be submitted as MS Word documents based on the template described below. Where possible, supporting comments should be incorporated into the request form. If necessary, additional information may be submitted as MS Word or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files or as references to web-based material (URL). All files should be named appropriately to indicate the requesting department.

The Capital Equipment/Project form is used to identify needs for renovation projects or replacement of capital equipment. Capital equipment is any item costing $500 or more and with an expected life span of more than one year. Items costing less than $500 or with an expected life span of less than one year are expense items and are budgeted on departmental operating expense budgets, object codes 52500–52519. A capital project is any project costing more than $500. 

Approved items costing $500 to $1,000 will be budgeted to departmental capital equipment budgets–object codes 60100 to 60199, and must be purchased by June 30 of the budgeted fiscal year. Those costing more than $1,000 will be charged to a University capital equipment fund. 

Computing Requests: Do not include requests for the replacement or upgrade of desktop computers. Information Technology staff will plan for replacement of existing desktop computers based on a standard replacement cycle. New desktop systems as well as any peripherals (i.e. printers, scanners) and non-desktop technology requests should be included.

Completing the form:

  • Complete the top of the form–Department and department account number. 
  • List requests in priority order. 
  • Use the first line for the basic information for each request.
    1. Describe the item in 20 characters or fewer. 
    2. Estimate the cost as accurately as possible. For assistance with cost estimates, please contact:
      • Earl Froats (5621): construction projects and building repairs and maintenance.
      • Ruta Ozols (5908): other general capital purchases
    3. If cost estimates are not available, leave the estimate blank and submit the form by your division's deadline.  Once the information becomes available, please forward it to your division's Vice President.
    4. Indicate one of the following functions by type (use number/letter designation). Please note that code "2" is for the repair of existing buildings and codes beginning in "3" are for the replacement of existing equipment.  Renovations to existing buildings to accommodate a new function, or acquisition of new equipment are New Initiatives and should be coded "4."
      • 1 Safety/Legal Compliance 
      • 2 Preventive/Deferred Maintenance Of Buildings 
      • 3 Repair and Replacement 
      • 3A Repair/Replace Instructional Equipment 
      • 3B Repair/Replace Technology Equipment 
      • 3B1 Repair/Replace Technology Equipment - Departments 
      • 3B2 Repair/Replace Technology Equipment - Instructional 
      • 3C Repair/Replace Furnishings 
      • 3D Repair/Replace Other Operating Equipment
      • 3E Library Acquisitions
      • 3F Vehicles
      • 3G Copiers
      • 3L Technology Equipment: Leased
      • 4 New Initiatives
      • 4A New Initiatives - Instructional Equipment
      • 4B New Initiatives - Technology
      • 4F New Initiatives - Vehicles
      • 4L New Initiatives - Leased
      • 5 Residential & Classroom Refurbishment
    5. Give the location - Building and Room Number - where the equipment will be placed or the renovation will take place. 
    6. IT/FO
      • Technology requests must reference the IT project number assigned in the initial IT review process. Please contact Ruth Tully (5578) for more information.
      • Indicate (FO) whether the request has installation implications that would warrant further review by Facilities Operations.
  • Provide appropriate comments on subsequent lines. These should include a short statement about why the item is requested; additional details you feel will aid in reviewing the request; or an indication of possible suppliers. 
  • Begin subsequent requests on a new line or page. 
  • Review the list with your Vice President. The Vice President will note any changes or modifications and forward the approved list to the Budget Office, which will initiate appropriate technology, facilities, or purchasing review.

    Word Document Instructions

      1. Open the Word Document CapitalRequest.doc. 
      2. Before modifying the document save it under a different name that indicates its origin, such as BudgetOfficeCapitalRequest. File, Save As… 
      3. Add your department name and account number to the document header. View, Header and Footer… 
      4. Close the Header and Footer Toolbar by pressing the close button. 
      5. There are 9 pairs of lines in the body of the form, each outlined by a red box. Each pair is for an individual request. The top line of each pair is used for the basic request data and the second line is for additional description, justification, explanation, etc. that you may feel is necessary. 
      6. Move the cursor to the Item column on the first line. 
      7. Enter a 20 character description for the request. 
      8. Tab to the Estimated Cost Column and enter the cost. 
      9. Tab to the Type column and enter the code for the type. 
      10. Tab to the Location column and enter the building and room number. 
      11. If the request is for Technology equipment, tab to the IT/FO column and enter the IT project number.
      12. If the request will require Facilities Operations review, tab to the IT/FO column and enter FO.
      13. Tab to the Item column on second line for the first request. 
      14. Enter any additional text you feel is necessary to describe, justify, explain, or support your request. When the line is full don’t move to the next line; allow the line to expand to accommodate additional text. 
      15. When the first item is complete, Tab to the Item column on the second request line and enter information for the second request as above. 
      16. Repeat as necessary for additional requests. 
      17. If more than 9 items are requested, you will need to add additional lines to the table. 
      18. Using the mouse and dragging the cursor to the left of the table select the bottom 2 lines of the table and copy them. 
      19. Paste additional rows using Edit, Paste Rows. Renumber the new rows as appropriate.