Instructions for a Health Career Committee Interview

1. The Health Careers Committee interview serves a number of functions. HOWEVER PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE INTERVIEW IS NOT INTENDED AS A SCREENING TOOL. We do not see ourselves as an admission committee and so we are not looking for negative things to report in your Committee letter. Our job is to present you in the best light possible while still being truthful, and that is the philosophy we bring to the writing of the letter. However we still see the interview as serving some important roles.

  • First, please view the interview as an opportunity to “practice” answers to questions like why do you want to be a doctor, dentist, vet, etc? We hope you find talking about your motivation useful in focusing your application.
  • The interview is also the opportunity to have at least two faculty members talk with you about how to best “package” your application. That is, the opportunity to at least hear some suggestions about what to emphasize as you put your application together.
  • From the point of view of the Health Careers Committee, the interview is our opportunity to get information about your activities in and outside the classroom. We find students are sometimes too modest about their accomplishments and so the interview provides us with the opportunity to be certain we are aware of all you have accomplished.
  • During the interview the members of the Committee will likely provide you with feedback about your personal statement. Again, please view this as the opportunity to have other people talk about how you come across in your personal statement. The reason we require a personal statement in preparation of the interview is to have you begin to think about how you will use the page on the health professional school application in which you are asked to describe your motivation for a health career.
  • Finally we see the interview as an opportunity to make suggestions about appropriate course work, volunteer experiences or other activities that might strengthen your application. In other words, we see the interview as an advising tool.

2. After the interview is completed a draft of the Health Careers Committee letter will be prepared. At that time you will be given an opportunity to review its content in general terms in an “exit interview.” Although not required, most students find it useful so they can tailor their applications to the contents of the letter. You should also feel free to discuss your interview with the members of the Committee who conducted your interview.