Click here for a copy of the full legislation of the approved curriculum (including detailed explanations of the graduation requirements)

Links below map assessments written by the Assessment Committee (Papers #1-7) to our academic learning goals.

Academic Learning Goals

  1. an ability to speak (Paper #1) and write (Papers #3, 5, 6) clearly, articulately, and persuasively;
  2. an ability to acquire, evaluate, and communicate information (Papers #2, 3);
  3. an ability to analyze and resolve complex problems, both independently and collaboratively;
  4. an ability to reason quantitatively, logically, and/or symbolically;
  5. an ability to integrate knowledge from multiple perspectives (Paper #3);
  6. an ability to critique and/or create artistic works;
  7. a knowledge of the complexity and diversity of the human experience (Paper #4) (Paper #7);
  8. a knowledge of the complexity and diversity of the natural world, and
  9. a depth of understanding in at least one field.

Graduation Requirements

I. Complete the requirements of a major

II. General education requirements
C. The Human Experience and the Natural World
     (4 units; one each in Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Natural Sciences)
D. Human Diversity: Culture and Communication (2 units)
E. Quantitative/Logical Reasoning (QLR) (1 unit)
F. Integrated Learning Component
G. Environmental Literacy (EL) (1 unit)