Vilas Scholarship

What is a Vilas Scholarship?

The Vilas Scholarship is a $22,000/year scholarship ($88,000 for four years) awarded to students who want to complete a St. Lawrence University liberal arts education as preparation for a career in business.

The Vilas Scholarship was established in 1976 by the Bodman Foundation of New York City to honor Homer A. Vilas '13. Homer Vilas was a successful Wall Street financier, corporate director and businessman during his life. He also was a generous benefactor to many non-profit organizations, including his alma mater, St. Lawrence. The scholarship assists students both financially but also by connecting students with alumni networking opportunities in the business world.

How to Apply: 

Students interested in applying for the Vilas scholarship must submit a complete St. Lawrence application and Vilas Scholarship essay by February 1.

Applicants should answer the following question in their essay:

A foundation is considering granting you $10,000,000 to start your own business. You are one of several finalists vying for the funds. Now, you must submit a proposal indicating what business you would create and why. Then, explain how you would go about creating and organizing the business to maximize the opportunity for you and the community.

The Vilas Scholarship essay can be completed and submitted online.

How many people get the scholarship?

Six Vilas Scholarship applicants are selected as finalists and are invited as guests of the University to New York City to interview in early March with an alumni and trustee selection committee. These students will be contacted in mid-February and notified of their status. Applicants not selected as finalists will not be contacted.

Two or three finalists are typically awarded Vilas Scholarships. The remaining finalists will receive an $18,000 scholarship/year ($72,000 over four years) in recognition of their finalist status. All six students will be notified of the scholarship outcome in the letter of admission which is sent in March.