Augsbury/North Country Scholarship

Note: School Counselors from eligible high schools please visit the link provided to you by the St. Lawrence University Admissions Office.

What is the Augsbury/North Country Scholarship?

The Augsbury/North Country Scholarship was established in 1974 and serves to recognize academic and co-curricular leadership among designated North Country and Canadian high school students. The $108,000 scholarship ($27,000 per year) is awarded to up to two nominated students from each eligible high school. Students who are nominated and admitted to St. Lawrence, but who are not selected as scholars, will receive a $10,000 annual award to recognize their nomination.

Who is named an Augsbury/North Country Scholar?

More than 100 high schools in nine counties of the North Country and Canada are designated as eligible schools for the Augsbury/North Country Scholarship competition. Counselors at participating schools may nominate up to two students annually; each student must have a grade point average of 90 or higher (80 or higher on the Canadian grading scale) at the end of grade 11. Nominations must be submitted by July 15 before the student's senior year. Students must submit the complete application no later than December 1.

Important Dates:

July 15th: Deadline for submission of nominees
December 1st: Deadline for completed applications
Mid-December: Notification of awards mailed to nominees


Tonki Downs, Associate Director, is the contact for New York schools. She can be reached at 315-229-5283 or For international students and high schools, please contact Musa Khalidi, Director of International Admissions at 315-229-5646 or