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Grant Currie

Lead Educational Technologist
Information Technology - Educational Technologies
St. Lawrence University


I have been affiliated with the university since 1996. Over the intervening years, I have taught courses in Photography, Digital Imaging, and Digital Art for the Fine Arts Department; taught the Laboratory component of the Introductory Psychology course for a year; and, earned a Masters in Education from St. Lawrence. I joined the IT department in 2008 as the "Educational Technologies Training Coordinator," transitioned to "Manager of Educational Technologies" in 2012, and "Lead Educational Technologist" in 2016. Through this, some of my responsibilities have evolved; but, the heart of the work, and the work that most of the campus sees, has not changed. What I do as a member of the Educational Technologies team is advocate for the integration of technology into the curriculum as a way to foster technology literacy and support students, faculty, and staff in using technology to learn, teach, and work more efficiently and effectively.