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Workshop Series: Graphic Design Fundamentals

We’ll cover design principles relevant to flyer, poster, and brochure design; explore the strengths and weaknesses of the design programs available on campus – Microsoft PowerPoint and Publisher, and Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop; and, then we’ll outline the options you have for learning about using the application(s) that best fit your needs and getting assistance with your design work. Register at

IT HelpDesk Student Application

The IT HelpDesk is currently accepting applications for IT HelpDesk student technicians.  The deadline for applications is (Date).  For this semester, hires will be based on application, interview, and schedule.  There are also openings for next semester that we would like to fill at this time.  Working at IT is a great opportunity to develop professional experience, networking, and technical skills.  We are looking for well-rounded students who demonstrate the ability to work as a team in a customer service environment.  Technical knowledge is preferred but not required.  For questions abo

Workshop Series: Get Started Building Your Sakai Faculty Portfolio

Start now to build an electronic portfolio in Sakai documenting your teaching, scholarship, and service.  PSC prefers this format for submission of materials for tenure and promotion, but there’s no need to wait until then to get started.  A Sakai portfolio site makes a great organizer of materials for an annual or mid-probationary review.  Come to this session to see what’s possible and leave with a template site you can build on. Register at


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