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FAQ: Wireless Communication

To assist the St. Lawrence University community to better understand the Wireless Security Policy , the following FAQ document was developed by IT in collaboration with the Information Technology Committee (ITC). The University is required to have this policy to document the practices associated with making wireless data network available across the SLU campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do we need to limit individual people from setting up WiFi access points?

A. Personal access points represent an institutional and individual security risk because they can be configured to bypass any authentication requirements. Additionally, individual access points can cause wireless interference with institutional access points and can disrupt wireless networking for those in the vicinity of a personal access point.

Q. I have a friend visiting campus, can he/she login to SLU-WiFi?

A. Visitors should use the “guest” wireless network because it does not require an institutional account to connect and provides access to the Internet and limits institutional network resources. Guests of campus who are visiting from another institution that is part of the eduroam network can connect to the “eduroam” wireless network with the username and password from their home institution. More information about eduroam can be found at

Q. Why do we have multiple wireless network names available and which should I use?

A. Having multiple networks allows us to better align network access for different constituents or different device types. Each network supports different capabilities. Please see for details on which wireless network you should use.

Q. What information is logged by the wireless system and why?

A. Authentication information (usernames that connect to the WiFi network along with time/date, and device identifier) is collected and retained for 6 months which is both an industry standard and also required to be part of the eduroam community. When necessary, network and computer information is used to troubleshoot network, account, or device problems as well as identify the source of potential malicious network activity in accordance with the privacy section of the technology Acceptable Use Policy found at

Q. Who do I contact for questions regarding this policy?

A. Please contact the Information Technology Helpdesk at or 315-229-5770 and they will put you in touch with the most appropriate person for whatever policy or technical question you may have.