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i>clicker status light blinking red

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This article explains why an i>clicker+ status light may blink red when responding to a poll. A blinking red light on an i>clicker+ remote indicates that your vote has not been received by the i>clicker receiver.


The i>clicker is not on the correct frequency

i>clicker+ remotes pair to receivers with a two letter frequency code. By default, this code is AA. To avoid interference between i>clicker receivers in classrooms, some instructors use a different code. When you turn on your i>clicker+, two green lights will flash corresponding to the frequency your i>clicker+ is on. For example, if you turn on your i>clicker+ and the green light next to A blinks twice, you're on frequency AA. If the green light next to D blinks once and the one next to C blinks once, you're on frequency DC. If your instructor hasn't told you you need to change your frequency, then you'll likely be using frequency AA. Instructions to change your frequency are on the back of your i>clicker+ remote. You must be in class and the i>clicker software must be running before you can change the frequency of your i>clicker+ remote. The current i>clicker+ remote will remember the frequency after being powered off.

Polling is closed

If the software is open but the polling is closed (the poll hasn't started or it's ended), your response will not be received and your vote status light will blink red.

The i>clicker+ remote
i>clicker+ remote