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Password requirements and expiration

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This article explains the practices and standards used for network passwords to militate unauthorized account access.


Minimum password requirements

The following requirements apply to all alumni, employee and student accounts:

  • Passwords must be changed at least every 365 days
  • Passwords must not be any of your previous 8 passwords
  • Passwords must have a minimum length of 8 characters
  • Passwords must meet the following complexity requirements:
    • Not contain the user's account name or parts of the user's full name that exceed two consecutive characters
    • Must contain characters from three of the following four categories:
      • English uppercase letters (A through Z)
      • English lowercase letters (a through z)
      • Numbers (0 through 9)
      • Symbols (for example, !, $, #, %)

Finding password expiration date

Log in at the bottom of the page at to verify when your password will expire. Your password expiration date is listed at the right of the page.

Resetting an expired password

If your password expires, you lose access to resources that require said password. To reset your password, go to and click the Reset your password link.