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Clearing Saved Passwords in IE 10 on Windows 8


This article explains how to clear saved passwords in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8.


1) Open the desktop view of Windows 8 by clicking on "Desktop" located in the apps view.

2) Locate Internet Explorer on the Desktop. The shortcut will be a blue E with a yellow ring around it.

3) Double click the shortcut to start IE.

4) Next, click on the gear located on the top right corner of the program. (Just under the red X). If you hover over it, it reads Tools.

  • Alternatively, once IE is started you can hold down alt key and press X. This will be the same as step 4, and will give access to the tools menu.

5) Once the tools menu is open, locate Internet Options and click on it.

  • Successfully completing step 5,  you should see a new window with all internet options for IE 10

6) Within the Internet Options Menu, there are 7 tabs, the first of which is General. Make sure you are looking at this tab.

7) Towards the bottom of the General Tab, you should see Browsing History. Browsing History is a general term given to the storage of all user data. (This varies from cookies, passwords, usernames, and history of visited pages.)

8) Under this section, click on Delete.

9) This will open-up a new window which will allow you to select any data you would like deleted from the Browsing History.

10) Notice, the second to last option is Passwords. Unless you would like to delete any other information, make sure that this is the only box checked.

11) Lastly, you can hit the delete button to proceed with the password clearing.

Note: Once this button is pressed there is no way to retrieve your passwords.