SLU Public Printing for Mac OSX 10.6 and lower

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To install the SLU Public Printing drivers on your device, you need a Mac running 10.7 or higher. However, if your device is running an older OSX, you can print documents to SLU Public Printing copiers via a Web portal at


1.     Log in to with your St. Lawrence username and password

2.      Select Web Print

3.      Select Submit a Job

4.      Choose the printer name: SLU_Public_Printing for black and white or SLU_Public_Printing_Color for color.

5.     Select Print Options and Account Selections

6.     Specify number of copies

7.     Select Upload Documents

8.     Select Upload from Computer to choose your document(s)

9.     Select Upload and Complete

10.  Use your ID at any public printing location on campus to release your document(s)