Accessing SLU Windows Desktop from a Mobile Device


Faculty, staff and students can access a Windows PC from a computer or mobile device with Internet access by going to SLU Windows Desktop is perfect for accessing applications that are Windows-only or that you do not have installed on your computer.

Example Scenario 1: Obidiah is a student at St. Lawrence. He needs to use SPSS for an assignment, but he'd prefer to use his laptop rather than a lab computer on campus. Obidiah can use SLU Windows Desktop to work with SPSS from his laptop in the comfort of his room.

Example Scenario 2: Miriam is an instructor at St. Lawrence. She needs access to a Windows desktop, but is travelling with her iPad. Miriam can access the a Windows desktop from her iPad by connecting to SLU Windows Desktop via the VMware Horizon View Client app, available for download in the iTunes app store.

  1. From the iTunes store or Android market place, download and install the VMware Horizon View Client.
  2. Launch the application and select ‘Add Server’
  3. For Connection Server type
  4. Enter your St. Lawrence network credentials
  5. Choose the virtual desktop that suits your needs. Unless directed otherwise, choose ‘Windows 7 Lab.’

Step 2 and 3 are for initial setup only. The client will save this information.