CA Selection Information

General Information

Every fall and spring semester the Office of Residence Life coordinates the CA Selection process.  During this process we look for students that will show "both a strong commitment to the residential experience as a community member and a sincere interest in each student as an individual" (CA Job Description).  Essentially, we are looking for student leaders that will help continue a tradition of positive community development while also helping others grow in their time at SLU.

While we have many of our CAs return from year to year, we are always thrilled to have new CAs join our fantastic team.  If you are interested in becoming a CA, pay attention for informational emails, posters, and SLU Wire announcements with details about the application process.  The dates and deadlines are different each semester, but applicants must complete the same steps to be considered.  The steps for New-Hire Applicants are:

  1. Fill out a CA Application for New Hires which includes two short essay questions, a copy of your resume, and 3 references
  2. Attend one of the Group Process Nights hosted by the entire Residence Life team
  3. If applicable, complete an individual interview with 1 current CA and 1 current RC (Residential Coordinator)
  4. Wait to hear back within a couple weeks.

At the start of each CA Selection process, more information is added to the bottom of this page.  Please reach out to Victoria Lederer if you have questions about any CA Selection Process.

Currently Studying Abroad?

If you are currently abroad and are interested in becoming a CA when you return you are certainly able to apply.  If you have been a CA/applied to be a CA before going abroad you would simply complete the CA Application for Re-Hires or the Repeat Applicant Renewal of Interest Form.  If you have not been a CA before you would still complete the CA Application for New Hires and then you would participate in a Skype interview with a few professional staff members and a current CA.  If you have any questions about this process please contact Victoria Lederer.


Spring 2016 Selection Process - Apply for a CA Position Starting in Fall 2016!

We're looking for new CAs to join our team, and we hope that you can be one of our new teammates! There truly is #NoPlaceLikeSLU and we know CAs have a huge role in making this true for our community. If you're interested in joining our team be sure to apply by January 27th, 2016 at 4:00pm.

For more information, check out our news article. You can also reach out to Victoria Lederer for more information.