Students may elect an interdisciplinary major in biology and physics as a basis for work or advanced study in such fields as biophysics, radiation biology, radiological health or environmental science. The major is also acceptable for pre-medical students.

Required Courses

  • Biol 101, 102, 326, 386.
  • Four units of physics, including Phys 221-222 Modern Physics (pre-requisite: Phys 151-152 University Physics)
  • Two additional units chosen from appropriate courses in biology or physics at the 200 level or above.
  • Two units of chemistry: 221, 222 (pre-requisite: Chem 103-104 Gen Chem, or Chem 105 Accelerated Gen Chem)
  • A senior research project (SYE: Senior Year Experience) in some area of biophysics, with advisors from both the biology and physics departments.

Recommended Courses

  • Chem 342 Biophysical Chemistry
  • Math 205 Multivariable Calculus

Advising is provided through both the biology and physics departments. Since this major is expected to serve students with a wide range of interests, anyone interested is encouraged to consult with these departments about appropriate scheduling of courses, including interdepartmental offerings.

Students contemplating this major should also be aware of possibilities for advanced placement in chemistry, mathematics and physics courses that could provide added flexibility to their programs. For instance, students with good high school backgrounds in physics should register for Phys 151,152 and not Phys 103,104.